Paranormal Activity Sequel Officially Happening On Paramount+

The upcoming Paranormal Activity sequel will go directly to Paramount+, which launches March 4 and will feature the studio’s expansive film library.

The upcoming sequel Paranormal Activity 7 will officially debut on Paramount+. The long-running horror franchise launched in 2007 with Paranormal Activity, which centers on a couple who become increasingly terrorized by a supernatural presence after moving into their new home. It became one of the most profitable films in Hollywood history thanks to its effective use of the found-footage format, which allowed it to be shot for roughly $215,000. Five more films followed, all of which achieved enormous box-office success for Paramount Pictures and production company Blumhouse.

The franchise remains one of the most lucrative in the Paramount library, which will become available to subscribers once CBS All Access relaunches as Paramount+ next month. Parent company ViacomCBS has made a big marketing push for Paramount+ this year, releasing several Super Bowl ads and announcing numerous remakes in an effort to contend in the streaming wars. As Disney did last year with its massive investor day, ViacomCBS held one of their own to release a torrent of exciting streaming announcements, one of which involves the popular supernatural franchise.

The company said Paranormal Activity 7 will release exclusively on Paramount+. While details on the film are scant, it’s set to be directed by Will Eubank, who made his big-studio debut splash with Underwater starring Kristen Stewart. Christopher Landon, who’s written all but two of the franchise’s entries, will return to pen the new movie. Executive producers Oren Peli, who directed the first film, and Jason Blum, the hit-making head of Blumhouse behind Get Out and dozens of other crowdpleasers, are also back on board.

Paranormal Activity isn’t the only horror franchise developing a new film directly for Paramount+. A prequel to the Pet Sematary remake, about a family that finds an animal graveyard behind their home in Maine, is in development specifically for the streamer, with Jeff Buhler returning to write the script. Another is The In Between, which stars Joey King as a girl whose boyfriend tries to connect with her after a fatal car crash.

ViacomCBS clearly feels pressure to flex their arsenal of content following similar moves from the likes of Disney and Warner Bros., which controversially decided to put all 2021 theatrical releases immediately on HBO Max. Despite announcing a new Halo show and a Yellowstone prequel series, Paramount’s 108-year history as a movie studio ensures the rebranded streaming service will rely heavily on its film catalogue, the same way Warner Bros.’s own history as a studio has influenced HBO Max’s library. With an audience built in over six movies, the new Paranormal Activity entry will likely find a good home on Paramount+ when it launches on March 4.

Chris Agar

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