Your Maui vacation wouldn’t be complete without a luau! Chances are, you will come across dozens of different traditional Luau celebrations to attend because they are a great way to really dive into Hawaiian traditions while on vacation. If you are vacationing in Maui, though, there’s nothing quite like the Luau at The Grand Wailea!
Luaus are all about telling the story of when the Polynesians first discovered the islands of Hawaii. Luau cast members share the journey of the voyage to the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui, and the Grand Wailea Resort puts on a beautiful show that all guests rave about.
As you can tell from the Grand Wailea Luau reviews, this luau is really like no other! Whether or not you are staying at this beautiful hotel, it’s definitely worth the trip to attend their Luau. The Grand Wailea has a way of bringing the Hawaiian traditions to their guests, making it fun, entertaining, and providing delicious food and drinks.
Pre-Show Activities: At all Wailea Luaus, you will be greeted with a Flower Lei and experience pre-show cultural activities such as a hula lesson, temporary tattoos, and Hawaiian lawn games. You can also get a photo with a Luau cast member in their full Luau costume at an additional charge during the pre-show activities. This is also a great time to socialize with other guests and to get to experience some of the fun traditions Hawaii has to offer! If you have kiddos with you, this part is the most fun! You can get the whole family together to play a traditional Hawaiian lawn game before dinner and the show.
Torch Lighting, Ceremony & Dinner: Next comes the torch lighting and ceremony dinner where you will enjoy traditional Hawaiian cuisine from the Luau buffet. Hula lessons will also be available at 7:30 PM after the Luau buffet and before The Voyage kicks off. Again, if you have kids with you, this provides some fun entertainment before the show begins.
Dessert & Drinks: Desserts and drinks will also be offered including island-style desserts and tropical beverages. The Voyage: After everyone has eaten and is enjoying their beverages and desserts, The Voyage will begin where cast members will tell the story about the first migration made by the Polynesians and the trek they made to reach their new home. The voyage is told in a nine-part act which includes The Migration, Dream Hula, Kahekili, Pele’s Voyage, The Mo’o, Swing Hula, Naulu, Fire Knife, and Chad Militante. You can expect lots of traditional Hawaiian hula dancing in addition to beautifully colored Hawaiian costumes, and fire dances which always leave guests on the edge of their seats.
At The Grand Wailea Luau, you will get the chance to enjoy some delicious traditional Hawaiian cuisine. You will be offered an appetizer and salad as well as an entrée, dessert, and beverages of your choice. Grand Luau Wailea reviews rave about the food, so expect to be in for a treat!
If you are looking for Grand Wailea Luau discount tickets, you have a couple of options. We recommend checking out sites like, Expedia, and Just be sure to always read the cancellation and refund policy before booking this way. Grand Wailea Luau Costco tickets are another option available.
The Luau at the Grand Wailea runs during various times throughout the year, and starts at six PM and runs until nine PM. For those who purchased premium seating, VIP entry starts at 5:30 PM where you can arrive and get comfortable at your table before other guests arrive.
If you are visiting Hawaii and are interested in going to this amazing Luau at The Grand Wailea, you should call the resort and ask about their next available Luau right away because they need to be booked well in advance. They are hosted in the evenings, but times may vary depending on the season you are visiting, so always call to inquire, and remember that tickets are required to attend.
If you are traveling to Hawaii and are looking to experience a traditional Luau, look no further than The Grand Wailea Luau. Even if you aren’t staying at this resort, you can still attend this magical event. From the pre-show activities to the cuisine, and their portrayal of The Voyage, this Luau will certainly not disappoint, and will be a memorable part of your vacation that the whole family can enjoy.

Chris Agar

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